Friday, December 31, 2010

Shiva's Fury: The Story of Fierce Warrior Virabhadra

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  1. Though I called my version of this myth "Shiva's Fury," it can also be viewed as a deeply metaphorical "warrior's guide" for those of us who embrace a Tantric (non-dominating, diversity celebrating, non-dual, fluidly hierarchical, subtle) worldview when faced with the rigidity & sacrifices demanded by a Classical/orthodox (dominating, exclusive, dualistic, rigidly hierarchical, on-the-nose) worldview.

    Anger is a secondary emotion, which means that underneath it is the vital information of either fear or hurt (which have many flavors of their own, like shock and sadness respectively). When we're aware of what we're feeling and don't repress/swallow it, we can tolerate the primary emotions and make wise choices, rather than being swept away by the secondary one. However, this very human process is an on-going practice of living an engaged life, and not a conclusive achievement.