Monday, January 23, 2012

My Tantric Torah: Ten Commandments? Not Really... The First Word


  1. दश (עשר(ת) ten वक्यः ה)דברים) utterances

    1. Hi Anonymous... Thanks for providing trans-lingual representations of the appropriate words! Though I believe your Sanskrit for "word/voice/utterance" is a tad off, and I'm unable to add in Devanagari symbols or academic diacritical marks here in these comments myself, but in Sanskrit the accurate root is vAk (long A, not short a). vakyaha as written above wasn't recognized by the Monier-Williams online dictionary, but I'm pretty confident that the root you were referring to was still vAk (with some declination added in the yaha).

      Another comment on this post came from "Anonymous," completely in Hebrew symbols, and I'm choosing not to post that without an English translation provided (Google Translate gave me a rough estimate of what it said, but only some of that close to Mr. Fox's translation - the rest came out as gibberish -- according solely to Google, of course, since I can't translate Hebrew) . If you submitted that comment too, please consider resubmitting it with an English translation (which I'll likely check on Google translate, again).

      All that said, I still appreciate your taking the time to add a comment to this post!