Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Suggested Reading on Christianity, Islam and Gender/Race Studies


  1. Greetings ! I can see that you undoubtedly understand what you are speaking about . Do you own a degree or maybe an education that is somehow related with the topic of your article? Thank you so much in advance for your answer.

    1. Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your kind compliment (though I'm unclear which "article" you're referring to above because your comment came through on this Reading List post).

      To answer your question about degrees, I've earned a Bachelors in English & General Literature (my senior paper was on Medieval Dream-Vision Poetry, and in one course I was required to translate a segment of "Beowulf" from Old English, which provided a basic skill-set I now use to translate Sanskrit), and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher credential with the Yoga Alliance (I was blessed to study with some marvelous teachers during close to a decade of training, and I view the fruits of that study as being equivalent to a Masters - but without an actual, paper degree). In college, I also studied Physics, which has come in handy for my understanding of the Bio-Mechanics of yoga's physical practices, which I've written about quite a bit in this blog. That said, most of my spiritual studies are autodidactic (self-taught), the Reading List posted here and on my website are a relatively small portion of the study I've done over the course of my lifetime. I've also been meditating regularly since childhood, and believe that continuing practice to be of terrific value in my life and work today.

      I've also spent the last 30 years working in the entertainment industry, spending six years as a Corporate Communications Executive for Columbia Pictures/The Coca-Cola Company (where I received exceedingly high-quality professional training), and as a Writer (my film & TV writing has garnered two Writers Guild of America Award nominations, an Emmy nomination, and a U.K. Movie Music Award nomination shared with composer Mark McKenzie).

      Basically, I consider myself a student of life, and hope to never stop learning!