Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Wonderful Line from the Svacchanda Tantra


  1. Destruction of the personal self through systematic meditation or by means of sudden and profound insight (as induced by Kundalini discharge) inevitably ensures cessation of discrimination.
    The supervening identity first stabilizing within the Profound at the level of the Heart chakra definitively knows itself as “Being-consciousness-bliss”. When queried as to origin, this existing knowledge is immediately obliterated appearing momentarily as a reflection point or Absolute Divinity (Shiva Para Para), which then yields a “Creator-Identity” manifesting as That from which all Arises (Shakti).

    1. Thank you for your intriguing comment, Robin Harger. Though I choose not to use language such as "destruction of the personal self" to describe the life-affirming fruits of spiritual practice as I've experienced them, I appreciate the perspective you've shared here... Shanti Om!