Saturday, June 23, 2012

Benefits of Bio-Mechanical Alignment: Hip Widening (and Psoas Relief) - Part Two of Three


  1. Photos would be immensely helpful.

    1. I agree! However, I'm not set up to do that in this blog's concise format and speedy production schedule... This three-part post is the most "instructional" regarding a particular pose and alignment dynamic that I've put up here, because it was specifically requested.

      If I get enough feedback that this style of post isn't transmitting the information clearly (or worse, that many readers find it frustrating), I won't continue with this highly specific, instructional posting here. That'll have to wait until I have the resources, time and expanded format to accomodate high-quality images produced specifically for this purpose.

      All that said, I very much appreciate your suggestion, Anonymous. Hopefully I'll be able to provide that service in the not-too-distant future!

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