Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Non-Dogmatic Languaging for Yoga Class... and Life - Part Two of Two

Go to Part One    Go to Our Ancient Ancestors Didn't Have Electricity... but They Certainly Weren't Primitive

Go to My Sanskrit Primer    Go to Samskara: A Mostly Painful Aspect of Spiritual Evolution    Go to The Myth of Multi-Tasking

Go to Ishvara: An Exploration of Ancient Yogic Terms and Medieval English Overtones    Go to The Nature of Desire

Go to Misalignments in Yoga Aren't "Wrong," but Repeating Them May Cause Injury    Go to What is Yoga Anyway?

Go to Do Our Actions Reveal Our Deepest Intentions?    Go to Trika Philosophy OR Why One Plus One Equals Three

Go to Metaphors of Govinda (Krishna): Tending Compassionately to Our Wandering Minds    Go to What Exactly is Karma?

Go to On Twists, Turns and the Sustainability of Culture    Go to The Willingness to Make an Error Can Lead to Growth


  1. Such a nimbly skillful navigation of Duality...

    1. Thanks so much, Brian! As a person coming from a Tantric perspective (a form of non-dualism that simultaneously embraces & celebrates diversity), I've found it helpful to explore a wide spectrum of philosophical & practical dualities as safely & compassionately as possible. But that sure hasn't been easy in our dominantly "either/or" culture! I believe you're on a similar path, regardless of what we may label it... and *your* dexterity with words is also much appreciated!