Monday, September 9, 2013

The Bhagavad Gita's Tricky Triad of Energetic Tendencies


  1. I try to explain the Guna aspect to some of my uninitiated friends (almost all of my friends), at least the ones whom I feel would be receptive to such knowledge. One far...can somewhat understand the concept. This being 2013, I would think that my circle of friends would pick up on the ancient knowledge. However Tamas seems to be in force, at least with most of my friends. In any event, I do not push the practice on anyone. When they are ready.....the Guru will appear.

    1. I agree, everyone takes the path of conscious evolution at their own pace, and often the "guru" wells up from inside (though likely prompted by someone or something on the outside). To me, although Krishna is externalized as Arjuna's charioteer in the Gita, I believe his Divine Presence in the story is a literary device to dramatize the awakening of Arjuna's Inner Teacher/Expanded Consciousness (I also see this literary tool at work in the Hebrew Testament whenever YHWH "speaks" to one of the characters, especially in the first two books - Genesis and Exodus).

      I find you very wise not to push your understanding on your friends: I believe that no one can safely force the process of expanding awareness to go faster than it needs to go for each individual without toxic consequences for all involved. Please consider this: You state that you see your friends' current state as Tamasic, but at the same time and from their point of view, you may seem Rajistic when you're sharing your passion for the Gita. Happily, IMHO, when you decide not to push, you're consciously choosing to be Sattvic (poised to share or not share as wanted/needed).